Thanksgiving Pickings

Recommended readings that will have the turkey and ham glazed while you learn how to give thanks to those who you love the most.

Thanksgiving is next week folks.  What do you have to be thankful for?  Well, my list far exceeds a piece of paper, but I will first like to thank my ancestors, those who came before me and paved the way so that I could have a better chance at life, freedom and success.  My family of course, for raising me and giving me life and supporting me and my friends for loving me, encouraging me and standing by me.  God, not to put him last but I’m saving the best for last, for giving me grace and mercy.  I encourage you to write your list of thanks-givings and now… it’s time to talk books that are good for the soul.

B. Smith Cooks Southern-Style

By: Barbara Smith

Have you visited a B. Smith’s restaurant lately?  It’s not my top 5 but more like in my top 10.  I find her cookbooks to be helpful and simple. I have tried her pork chop recipe and it turned out really good.  Well, Ms. B is back at it again with her 2009 release of “B. Smith Cooks Southern-Style.”  This is a great book to whip out for thanksgiving to bring soul to the table and to the hearts.  She gives readers more than 200 recipes and tales from her incomparable career and passes on lots of tips and strategies for bringing down the calorie count without losing flavor.  I’m dying to read her cornbread recipe, it’s my favorite food.

Brother West: Living and Loving Out Loud, a Memoir

By: Dr. Cornel West

I will never forget the day I met Dr. Cornel West at Bohemian Caverns about three years ago.  Malcolm Jamal Warner was in town doing his poetry session and I looked over and there he was.  I could not stop watching him.  Just about his every move captivated me.  His smile, the way he moved his famous black scarf over to the right to reach his drink.  Yes, it was dark and a tip from the bartender Dr. West likes that dark liquor. Not mad at you Dr. West.  I was truly amazed about his calmness.  Now, most people think he yells and talks fast in interviews and debates, I would not disagree but the man I met three years ago was just a breathe of fresh air.  As I scanned the Barnes and Nobles website I came across his name and his new book, released in October “Brother West: Living and Loving Out Loud, A Memoir.”  The title was amazing living and loving out loud.  This thanksgiving I told myself to visit a family member that I have not seen in forever, to do something I have always wanted to do.  I want to live and love out loud. Hopefully, this book will show me just how to do that.


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