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I’m Back!!! August Reading is The Women Who Raised Me: A Memoir

Hi Everyone, including those faithful readers and newbies.  I’m back!!!! I know, I know haven’t read a book since March this is bad, real bad, Michael Jackson (RIP).  I was just telling my mother I was not feeling inspired.  After learning that 50 year-old Actress and Author Victoria Rowell recently got married I thought about my life.  No I’m not 50 but I wondered what took her so long to get married?  I thought about my own life and when I will be married?  When I will have kids?  When I will have the career I really desire?  Then, I told myself to relax and be patient like Ms. Rowell.  Then I thought about when will I wrote my own Memoir like she did?  Now, that is something I can begin right away with no hesitation.  Quickly, I became inspired and rebirth the idea to continue my monthly online book club and read The Women Who Raised Me: A Memoir by Victoria Rowell because she is the one who inspired me to.  My list of women who raised me includes my mother, my grandmother and women I have met along the way in life through church, civic organizations, work and networking.  They might never think they helped raised me like my mother and grandmother but they are the women who have sure helped me become who I am today. 

So ladies, and men raise your glasses to the women who raised you and let’s toast to new and bright beginnings and the relaunch of BooksFubu.  August 1st pick-up your copy and begin reading.


Peace and Blessings