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Everything done in the dark comes out in the light, someday

In Chapter 27, Thandy is enjoying Chicago and even purchased herself a BMW but the pain of what she left behind in Atlanta still bothers her.  Not the relationship she had with Jack but what she had with her ex husband Monty.  He gave her a lavish lifestyle as well, but it was all with drug money, something she never knew about and didn’t think to question.  She remembers the days after the drug bust and jail when she and her baby were out on the street and on welfare.  Her family would not help. No one cared but her neighbor, a single mother as well. She knew there was more in life so she enrolled in college.  Going to school was hard but with loans and grants she finished school and then put herself through law school while working for a firm nearby.  Over the years, Thandy’s career progressed, becoming a high paid employee at a larger firm; that is when she met Dr. Gabrielle.  He was so nice in the beginning and never denied he was married so how did she fall for him?  Overtime, Dr. Gabrielle never came through on those promises but Thandy didn’t make him get a divorce either.  He knows that if he gave her material things she would stay, and she did.  Her daughter never knew of the relationship she had with Dr. Gabrielle, he was just a friend to her.  As she continues to think about the rough times and Monty refusing Thandy visits saying he didn’t want his wife and daughter to see him in jail, she collapses on the floor.  Her daughter Montana rushes her to the hospital and it is discovered that Thandy was pregnant and miscarried.  It was Jack’s baby of course.


The other woman was a mixed breed name Angel.  Dr. Gabrielle met her in a club where she worked, the sex was good but she was just a booty-call, Angel wanted more.  The day Dr. Gabrielle spent he night was the day she thought she had him but she didn’t.  He didn’t plan to spend the night but he didn’t seem concerned his wife already left him.  Angel wanted to be with him so bad and he reminded her that their situation was not forever.  Once Dr. Gabrielle got to work, he spoke with his lawyer and he found out that Etienne would not sign the divorce papers she wanted 15 million dollars that is not what he offered.   She knew about everything and Dr. Gabrielle was surprised.  His lawyer told him to go ahead and sign the papers and give her 15 million but he had to think about it and think about the life he had with Thandy, the condo he bought for her and money he had stashed away.  He wanted Thandy back.  Dr. Gabrielle had ignored Angels several messages so she showed up at his office claiming she was pregnant and he was not having that.  He told her to get “rid” of it and to take a pregnancy test by a good doctor friend, she agrees.  After all that drama at his office with Angel Dr. Gabrielle had a lot to think about and after having a conversation with a young doctor who was engaged Dr. Gabrielle told him not to get married and shared some of the things he was going through.  He thought about all the women he had.  The test comes back positive, and Dr. Gabrielle is now caught up.  Sloane Faulkner, a local Georgian won a local election.  A man that the whole town believed could make a difference.  He was also a friend of Dr. Gabrielle and Thandy; they both contributed a lot of money to his campaign.  Sloane Faulkner had once been her professor and now a good friend.  He called to say he won the election.  He knew she left Dr. Gabrielle but didn’t know about the miscarriage and she told him but she knew it was for the best that losing the baby was a blessing.

Yvetta and Grace, two old crazy ladies are also neighbors.  They had not really spoken to each other ever since Grace told Yvetta she needs to visit Thandy in Chicago and work on being a better mother. Grace is trying to convince Yvetta that Mr. Fields was sweet on her instead of getting him to tend to her yard and trees she had Mr. Trip do it, he is a crazy person too and not too reliable.  When Mr. Trip hurt himself and a tree fell on him Mr. Fields had to run over ASAP.  Dr. Gabrielle learns from his good doctor friend that Angel is not pregnant from a picture he showed her. For some reason he thought she was lying.  She sent a friend that resembled her who was pregnant.  He was so upset but knew this could be the great time to catch her in a lie and dump her.  He calls her up and invited her to dinner later in the evening and Angel says yes.  Angel is so happy thinking she going to get her man back, she buys a expensive dress, gets her nails done and spends about $300, money she don’t have.  Dr. Gabrielle takes her to an expensive restaurant and he tells her over dinner that he can’t be with her that it’s over and he tells her that he knows she is not really pregnant.  Angel is upset and yells over the phone.  They argue and take the disagreement outside.  She spits in his face bits him on the hand and he knocks her out in the face.  He drops her off at her house and tells her leave him alone.  After that drama yet again he has a drink and thinks about Thandy and how much he wants to be with her, he called her and they talked he wanted to visit her but she says no and never tells him about the baby.  As he sits in his home office the police show up and he calls his lawyer.  Angel called the police on him and arrests him and he has to come clean to his lawyer about who Angel was.  Both Angel and Dr. Gabrielle show up in court and drop the charges.


The next day, at the lawyer’s office Etienne learns that Dr. Gabrielle settles on the 15 million and Etienne is surprised and happy but realized she had no life without him.  Not even her own account.  The accounts insisted that she open an account and some trust funds and referred a good person that could help, that person ended up being Thandy she already knew about her.  She wanted to be upset but she was more upset with herself that she left a 10-year affair continue without saying anything or divorcing Dr. Gabrielle.  Etienne leaves the office having a lot to think about but at least she has 15 million.  She goes to Gail’s house to pick up her sons.  They haven’t seen much on her in the past few weeks but she has been so upset with the divorce.  The boys are aware of the situation and she informs them that they are getting a new house and daddy will no longer leave with them but they can see him whenever they wanted to.  Now she has to be strong for her boys and Gail turns to her to say it gets better.  Now, Etienne is hoping it does and thinks about having a drink. 


I am stopping at Chapter 42.  I have no idea why this book is taking me so long to read, it’s good but very detailed. LOL.  Please answer the questions by leaving a comment.  Next posting on Friday @ 10am.


  1. How did Thandy not know she was pregnant?
  2. Why do you think Thandy’s mother finally is considering visiting her daughter in Chicago?