Honoring Black History Month: Best in Cooking, Mystery and Politics

During Black History Month, Booksfubu is reminded how far African Americans have come and how much more we have to go.  Over the years and even decades, there has been tremendous opportunity for people of color as writers, directors, and producers and Booksfubu especially has found that the books written by African Americans to be delivered with flavor, directed by love and produced to speak the truth.  As a tribute to Black History Month, each week Booksfubu will feature three top best books in various categories including Best in Fiction, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Cooking, Mystery, Politics, Religion, Romance, Childrens’, and Self Help all written by African Americans.  Of course, most of theses books, Booksfubu has read but if you would like to add to the list, leave a comment!

Week Two

BEST COOKING The Soul of A New Cuisine: A Discovery of the Foods & Flavor by Marcus Samuelsson


BEST MYSTERY Addicted by Zane


Description: A smart, seductive, and highly sensual novel that depicts the taboo-busting escapades of a beautiful young art dealer.  Description: For successful African-American businesswoman Zoe Reynard, finding the pleasure she wants, the way she wants it, is not worth the risk of losing everything she has: marriage to the man she has loved since childhood, a thriving company, three wonderful children. But Zoe feels helpless in the grip of an overpowering addiction…to sex. Finding a compassionate woman therapist to help her, Zoe finally summons the courage to tell her torrid story, a tale of guilt and desire as shocking as it is compelling. From the sensitive artist with whom she spends stolen hours on rumpled sheets to the rough and violent man who draws her toward destruction, Zoe is a woman desperately searching for fulfillment — and something darker, deeper, and perhaps deadly. As her life spins out of control and her sexual escapades carry her toward a dangerous choice, Zoe is racing against time to uncover the source of her “fatal attraction” — as chilling secrets tumble forth from the recesses of a woman’s mind, and perilous temptations lead toward a climax that can threaten her sanity, her marriage…and her life.

BEST POLITICS/HISTORY The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama






Description: Senator Obama has written a book of transforming power. Only by returning to the principles that gave birth to the Constitution, he says, can Americans repair a political process that is broken, and restore to working order a government that has fallen dangerously out of touch with millions of ordinary Americans.


Moving on without you. I can do bad all by myself

Thandy’s mother Yvetta is introduced in Chapter 14, and she is now living in Chicago.   Somewhat of a absent mother, Yvetta is not proud of her daughter’s affair with a married man for 10 years.  In fact, Yvetta likes Thandy’s sister much better, a woman who got married and had children and had a nice and peaceful life.

Thandy’s father is sick in the hospital and Yvetta visits often to care for him.  He forgets things sometimes like his daughter’s name and some key events in life, but he is doing well.  The relationship between.  Thandy has not seen her mother in years.  Dr. Gabrielle calls Yvetta to ask where Thandy is and she has no idea.  Grace, a good friend of Yvetta reminds her of what life use to be like.  The days when her husband was a decent working man and life was simple but she also remembers how Thandy was the out of control daughter and ran away from home with Monty after being caught smoking.  They ran to Atlanta.

Thandy and Monty married and had a daughter name Montana.  As Grace and Yvetta goes back in time about the pass, she makes a decision not to reach out to Thandy, to just leave her in Atlanta and not check on her  daughter and granddaughter.

Etienne, Dr. Gabrielle’s wife is convinced now that her husband has not only been having an affair with Thandy but with another woman as well. Based on trip records and the nights not coming home and the no sex after a year, she now knows.  Etienne seeks the help of a friend and a lawyer.  Wynn, the friend and the lawyer promise to help her but has no idea what’s going to happen  Lots of evidence has already been gathered that proves he was cheating.  To get away and get her mind off things after she filed for divorce, Etienne boarded a plane back to her hometown in Washington, DC.  Etienne’s father was a preacher.  She had a very conservative family and always took her academics seriously, nothing like Thandy.    Etienne’s mother welcomes her but wants to understand why she is divorcing Dr. Gabrielle.  While in Washington, DC, Etienne left her two sons with a girlfriend.  Dr. Gabrielle has called her mother looking for her and the kids but she didn’t want Etienne to know that.

I am not sure how to feel about Etienne and her relationship with her mother.  Her mother seems caring as Etienne tells her mother about this affair her husband is having and even throws up in the bathroom, but it seems as though her mother wants her to get herself together and try to work things out and not to leave Dr. Gabrielle or better yet leave the lavish lifestyle behind.

The lawyer calls Etienne and tells her that Dr. Gabrielle is going through the divorce but wants to settle.  He offers her 5 million dollars and sharing the vacation home.  She thinks about it and up the cost to 15 million. 

 By Chapter 23, Thandy is living in Chicago and working on herself but thinking about how much she wasted with Dr. Gabrielle.  Thandy moved her and her teen daughter to a nice neighborhood.  She wanted to start a new life that did not include Dr. Gabrielle and one that her daughter could be proud of. 

Thandy has taken a new job that is promising and it is everything that sh was looking for.  As she gets read for her first day on the job in chapter 24, she is amazed that she is working at a fortune 500 company.  She does a lot of thinking almost second guessing herself.  She remembers the interview and he she was not going to take the job if it meant to leave Jack, just when Etienne calls, and tells her Dr. Gabrielle is seeing another woman besides them two and confirms a trip with another woman, Thandy takes the job offer and moves.  The new job came with great perks.  A driver, a office, a laptop and blackberry, 2 secretaries and a 7 figure salary.  She liked the perks but it was going to take some getting used to.  Let’s stop at  Chapter 26.  Next posting on Friday @ 10am.


1. Do you think Thandy will be happy in Chicago?

2. Why do you think Dr. Gabrielle had no problem with going thru wit the divorce?

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Honoring Black History Month: Best in Fiction, Nonfiction and Memoirs

During Black History Month, Booksfubu is reminded how far African Americans have come and how much more we have to go.  Over the years and even decades, there has been tremendous opportunity for people of color as writers, directors, and producers and Booksfubu especially has found that the books written by African Americans to be delivered with flavor, directed by love and produced to speak the truth.  As a tribute to Black History Month, Booksfubu will feature three top best books in various categories including Best in Fiction, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Cooking, Mystery, Politics, Religion, Romance, Childrens’, and Self Help all written by African Americans.  Of course, most of theses books, Booksfubu has read but if you would like to add to the list, leave a comment!

Week One

BEST FICTION The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah





Description:Now available in a trade paperback edition, Sister Souljah’s debut novel about the daughter of a drug lord captures the allure and the danger of Brooklyn’s streets.  The stunning national bestseller now features an illuminating discussion with Sister Souljah — her secret thoughts on creating the story that has sold more than one million copies worldwide and introduced readers everywhere to the real ghetto experience. Here are answers to the questions fans everywhere have been asking; the meanings and inspirations behind such memorable characters as Winter, Midnight, and Santiaga; and insights into why and how Souljah conceived of one of the most powerful novels of our time.

BEST IN NONFICTION The Pact: Three Young Men Make A Promise and Fulfill A Dream by Sampson Davis, Lisa Frazier Page, Rameck Hunt, George Jenkins




Description: Filled with drama, courage, temptation, and ultimately, triumph, this is the uplifting story of three teenaged boys from broken homes in Newark, New Jersey, who pledged to support one another in realizing their dreams. Despite tremendous difficulties they faced, today two are doctors and one is a dentist.  A national bestseller by Drs. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt with Lisa Frazier Page, is the true story of how three young men join forces to beat the odds and become doctors.

BEST AUTOBIOGRAPHY The Autobiography of Malcolm X as told by Alex Halley


Description: If there was any one man who articulated the anger, the struggle, and the beliefs of African Americans in the 1960s, that man was Malxolm X. His AUTOBIOGRAPHY is now an established classic of modern America, a book that expresses like none other the crucial truth about our times.  “Extraordinary. A brilliant, painful, important book.” TEH NEW YORKTIMES.  If there was any one man who articulated the anger, the struggle, and the beliefs of African Americans in the 1960s, that man was Malxolm X. His Autobiography is now an established classic of modern America, a book that expresses like none other the crucial truth about our times.

A cheating doctor on call

At first, the author blew me with all the big words and the medical terms during the first couple of pages, but as the story began and the conversations started to take place I could feel this was a good book.  Once again,  I see a little of myself in the characters in the book, maybe that is a sign I need a write my own book.  Until then, I will continue to blog about others.

Thandy is a sexy black woman who got caught up in a 10 year affair with a married man who is a surgeon and a father of two.  The novel is based in Atlanta and everything seems to be living the good life, one I heard about but never seen it before!!! The surgeon, Dr Gabrielle is a pimp for a real.  A sexy, tall married pimp.  To keep his affair with Thandy going. he puts her up in a million dollar condo and gives her a sports car.  He keeps his wife happy but giving her two sons and a nice house, but she is not happy and drinks her pain away.  She knows that her husband is messing with other men.  The people in Dr. Gabrielle’s life seem to look up to him, the kind of people that will do what he say but after 10 years Thandy enough whens he finds out from his wife that he is messing with other women.  Thandy moves to Chicago leaving the condo and the car behind and Dr. Gabrielle is crushed.

His wife, on the other hand has been plotting not saying much about the affairs and that is because she had a private investigator follow his ass.  She now has no much evidence on him that he could lose everything in divorce court, but she is not sure now.  So far, so good.  Sounds like some mess is about to happen to the doctor.  Let’s stop at chapter 14 for today. 

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1. Why do you think Thandy left Dr. Gabrielle?

2. Do you think the wife is scared to leave her cheating husband?

February book of the month “The January Girl”

The February book of the month is The January Girl.  This book seems really interesting from the description online  and I do plan to buy it at lunch.  I wonder how the main character managed to have an affair with a married man for 10 years?  Also, I looked at the price of the book and its in my price range.  I was torn between this book and the newly released book, “Act Like A Lady:  Think Like A Man,” authored by Steve Harvey.  I figured readers and myself didn’t feel like reading about the ends and outs of a man whom we will never understand.  So, I will stick with the Fiction, once again. 

So grab your copy of The January Girl, the title seems interesting.  Read below!!!!


After a 10-year affair with a married man, Thandy moves on when she discovers from his bitter wife that he’s taken up with yet another woman. Fate intervenes and sets into motion a series of events leading to a shocking climax that forever changes everything.

Men couldn’t help but be drawn to her exquisite beauty and incomparable grace. But Thandy knew Dr. Jackson Gabrielle was different the minute they met. And indeed, Jack knew that this enchanting creature was meant for him, despite the fact that he was already married. Thandy and Jack’s decade-long affair might have been continued indefinitely, the hard-working attorney and the high-profile surgeon scraping together moments for each other out of their crazed schedules, if Thandy hadn’t learned from Jack’s bitter wife that he had taken up with yet another woman. Thandy moves on, leaving Jack in Atlanta for a big job in Chicago. Jack, used to getting everything he has ever wanted with ease, is forced to figure out what it takes to hold on to something he loves. And Thandy, having fought her whole life for everything she has achieved, realizes the true measure of her strength. But fate intervenes and sets into motion a series of events leading to a shocking climax that forever changes everything.

The author Goldie Taylor also wrote the book In My Father’s House.



Bad news brings friends and family together in the end

Chapter 56 starts with a lot of tears and pain and a lot of questions.  In the previous Chapter, Danielle learns that she is HIV positive and it’s not Renee.  When Renee comes over to Danielle’s house with a bag full of gifts for her goddaughter’s baby Kayla was in the house holding Danielle as she cried.  Danielle told both women and they prayed for her and was the best friends ever.  Danielle goes to her parents’ house to tell them while Kayla, Nadine and Renee are there for support.  Danielle contacts all her lovers.  Chance comes over and the ladies wait in the kitchen while she breaks the news to them.  She tells Chance and he goes off.  He punches her in the head, stomach and started beating on her.  The ladies come rushing out and hit Chance over the head with a pan then call the police.  Chance yelling how he needed his dick to make money and Danielle was taking that away from him.  After the police took Chance away Danielle wanted to be alone.  She attempts to Call Ron again to tell him.  He finally calls back and she tells him she is HIV positive, and what is about to happen is crazy.  Ron is unusually calm as she breaks the news.  He asks her did she get the “CAREFUL OF THE COMPANY YOU KEEP.” Messages and she said yes at that moment it dawned on her that Ron is the one that infected her with HIV.  He says: Welcome to AIDS Bitchhhhhhhhhhh and the phone drops.  Danielle body is lifeless and she can’t believe what just happened.

 Days later she is still hurting from Chance beating her up, Calvin is at that the door and worried.  She tells Calvin that she is HIV positive and instead of Calvin getting upset, he tell her that he loves her and comforts her and tells her they are going to get through it.  In front of her whole family, Calvin asks her to marry him and she says yes.  That is true love!!!

Renee believed the crazy that her mother was alive. Renee headed to the recreational center to find her mother but not found.  She drives back home and finds the crazy lady in the street seeming rather happy.

Back in the house, Renee gets a call and it’s John.  She tells him that she does not have HIV and he is shocked and said he must got it from Carl, a man he met online last year, before Renee could cuss him out, the phone hung up.  She is in the process of filing for a divorce.  Suddenly a knock at the door and its Regina, the mother to the twins that were fighting Tamara and the woman Calvin worked with that he had sex with.  Regina was crazy she thought Renee was Danielle.  Regina was the woman who was stalking Renee in the dark SUV and she was the one calling Renee.  Regina pulls out a gun and shoots at Renee’s head and her arm.  Her bullet wounds damaged her face and her left arm.  She was not the same.  Renee wanted to do the right thing and visit her stepfather who she did not see since her sister Lisa funeral.  Kayla was happily married, Nadine and Jordan now have twins, Chance disappeared, Calvin did not contract the virus and Ron was found dead in the Missouri River.  The whole family is there to greet Renee and her stepfather is skinny and sickly looking, he must have cancer.  At that moment, Renee was happy to see her family and knew what was most important in life, family and friends.

The booked ended with 59 chapters and 356 pages.  It was everything I expected but in a good way.  It was really funny and crazy as hell sometimes and others it was sad and informative.  If you ask me if I had any idea that Danielle was going to be HIV positive, I would say no.  I had no idea that this was going to be an issue in the book.  But as we realize, HIV, AIDS it’s all real and it’s infecting black women each day.  This book wants me to do better, to remember to use condoms each time and respect myself.  I grew to love all the women in the book. 

I thank everyone who bought the book and joined the book club blog.  I am so blessed to have all my family and friends.  I am looking forward to starting the second book in February next week.  The next book will be posted on Monday @ 10am.

How do you feel about the women now after all they went through?

What do you think Renee and Danielle both learned from the series of events?

Peace & Blessings,


Your man is my man too, someone finds out their status

As I continue to read this book I make notes on how to better my own life, how not to be like the women in the book.  How to be a better friend, a better daughter, a better granddaughter, a better sister, a better co-worker and most importantly a better woman.  These women do not seem to want to better themselves but settle on what they think life has to offer them.

Right in the beginning of Chapter 47 Renee and Reese are once again confronted on the phone and Reese is trying to figure who is calling her Kenny.  Renee put everything out on the table but never disclosed her identity, thank God.  As Renee is talking to Reese about getting a life and realize that Kenny been cheating on her for years, Renee herself realize that she and Reese are similar women, know the real deal about their relationship but don’t leave but they are scared and or comfortable.  By this time, Kenny is at the door and kissing Renee, she tells him that Reese called and Kenny is upset asking her what she told Reese.  Kenny leaves and tells her he’ll call after he gets married.  Renee heart is broken.  It should be, she should be glad he walked out she needs to move on. 

Danielle and her daughter are getting along and Chance is still stalker her and its driver her crazy.  Their relationship somewhat ended after she found out he really did have a child once she saw with her own eyes.  Danielle describes the relationship her parents have, a 45 year happy marriage and wonderful something she wanted all her life. Before headed home after buying all of these baby gifts for her daughter, she heads to Nadine and Jordan’s house to apologize.  She didn’t want to risk losing another friend and especially over a man who was a liar.  Nadine tells her it’s ok but in a dismissive way.  Danielle is sitting there saying over and over how is sorry and Nadine just seems to brush it off like it was nothing that is strange and of course her over Jordan doesn’t know about that she slept with Chance and her wants her never to find out. The ladies make up with a bottle of wine.

Kayla tells Renee that Kenny and Reese ended up getting married over the weekend and Reese may know now that Renee is the other woman because her daughter Tamara told something about her mother’s relationship with Kenny.  Renee doesn’t care.    Renee decides to call Kenny to congratulate him but also to have him come over for some sex.  She changes into something sexy and the UPS driver drops off a package and she looks outside and she the same black truck staring at her across the street.  She runs out says, “Yeah I’m fucking your man.”  But she has no idea who is in the car. LOL.  Renee is so crazy.  Kenny pulls up after Renee embarrasses herself in front of her neighbor’s house.  OK ya’ll the way Kenny was fucking her was turning me on I was daydreaming about a few guys that I know who could do me like that.  TMI?  OK I’m sorry.

Kenny does her really good and someone calls Renee’s phone calls her all kinds of names for a second he thought it was Reese but nawwww it can’t be her, he leaves after he questions her who else she been fucking and its only been Kenny since Kenny.  So she was mad and told him not bother calling later.

Renee visit her dead sister Lisa at the cemetery and tells her about everyone life and everyone seems to have a good life but her.  Renee is hurt and lonely and really needs her sister right now.  When she gets home she finds John, her gay ex husband standing there.  He tells her that is HIV positive and for her to get tested.  He tells her that his lover didn’t have it so he must get it from her, she screams and cries and puts him out and doesn’t believe she could have it.

Once Renee gets to work all she can think about is her test and what the results could be.  At lunch she takes the test and on her way home from picking up her daughter from getting her driver’s license, she is confronted by the crazy lady in her neighborhood.  The crazy lady is crying saying her mother died and she needs money to get visit her dead body.   After Renee feels bad for not giving her moment the first time she gives her more money once she gets back from the bank and the crazy lady invited her in the home but it’s a mess and has an odor.  The crazy lady tells her about her life story and Renee tells her she can relate because her mother is sick.  The crazy lady swears she knows Renee long lost mother and it freaks Renee out but she is hopeful that she can find her mother.  She cries when she gets home.

The clinic tells Renee she needs to come back and take the test over again, she finally tells Danielle that she might be HIV positive and Danielle tells her that she go with her, like a good friend should.

Renee is just so hurt because she and Danielle is realizes that HIV/AIDS can happen to anyone and all the men she slept with is going through her head.  All the ladies get together for a slumber party to make Renee feels better.  Danielle, Renee, Kayla and Nadine have drinks and laughs.  Nadine tells the group Jordan is having twins and Kayla is getting married in a few weeks and Danielle miss Chance but wants Calvin back all of a sudden, wow.

Before Renee got her results she is praying to God asking for forgiveness but asking God to give her strength if the results are positive.  The doctor tells her she is HIV negative and Danielle calls her because Portia is having the baby.  Renee rushes to the hospital and Danielle sees Calvin in the lobby.  He is there to see his mother.  Danielle and Calvin chat ad they both miss each other.  She wants him back.  She tells him that Portia is having her baby girl.  Calvin says his goodbyes and said he’ll come back the next day.  Chance calls her several times likes his crazy ass do and assume she is with another man she threats that she is going to get her brother to beat him up just he beat up Ron.  Chance Portia delivers a healthy baby and her baby daddy and his mother are all there.  Danielle gets home and Calvin hug and while in the elevator they notice a woman staring at Calvin, she is the mother of the twins that Tamera was fighting and the co worker to Calvin and someone he slept with.  Renee tells Calvin to stick around after the baby is born so he can see Danielle.

Poor Danielle she gets a call that she is HIV positive.  She was trying to be a good friend and she finds out that she has it. She is in shock and can’t believe it.  She is thinking about her partners and who could infect her so she can save their life.

I had to stop at Chapter 55 because I was getting emotional.  This is very sad to learn that Danielle has HIV.  Just when she and her daughter were getting along she married the most devasting news brought to her life. 

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Why do you think Nadine brushed off Danielle’s apology at her house?

Who do you think infected Danielle with HIV