Moving on without you. I can do bad all by myself

Thandy’s mother Yvetta is introduced in Chapter 14, and she is now living in Chicago.   Somewhat of a absent mother, Yvetta is not proud of her daughter’s affair with a married man for 10 years.  In fact, Yvetta likes Thandy’s sister much better, a woman who got married and had children and had a nice and peaceful life.

Thandy’s father is sick in the hospital and Yvetta visits often to care for him.  He forgets things sometimes like his daughter’s name and some key events in life, but he is doing well.  The relationship between.  Thandy has not seen her mother in years.  Dr. Gabrielle calls Yvetta to ask where Thandy is and she has no idea.  Grace, a good friend of Yvetta reminds her of what life use to be like.  The days when her husband was a decent working man and life was simple but she also remembers how Thandy was the out of control daughter and ran away from home with Monty after being caught smoking.  They ran to Atlanta.

Thandy and Monty married and had a daughter name Montana.  As Grace and Yvetta goes back in time about the pass, she makes a decision not to reach out to Thandy, to just leave her in Atlanta and not check on her  daughter and granddaughter.

Etienne, Dr. Gabrielle’s wife is convinced now that her husband has not only been having an affair with Thandy but with another woman as well. Based on trip records and the nights not coming home and the no sex after a year, she now knows.  Etienne seeks the help of a friend and a lawyer.  Wynn, the friend and the lawyer promise to help her but has no idea what’s going to happen  Lots of evidence has already been gathered that proves he was cheating.  To get away and get her mind off things after she filed for divorce, Etienne boarded a plane back to her hometown in Washington, DC.  Etienne’s father was a preacher.  She had a very conservative family and always took her academics seriously, nothing like Thandy.    Etienne’s mother welcomes her but wants to understand why she is divorcing Dr. Gabrielle.  While in Washington, DC, Etienne left her two sons with a girlfriend.  Dr. Gabrielle has called her mother looking for her and the kids but she didn’t want Etienne to know that.

I am not sure how to feel about Etienne and her relationship with her mother.  Her mother seems caring as Etienne tells her mother about this affair her husband is having and even throws up in the bathroom, but it seems as though her mother wants her to get herself together and try to work things out and not to leave Dr. Gabrielle or better yet leave the lavish lifestyle behind.

The lawyer calls Etienne and tells her that Dr. Gabrielle is going through the divorce but wants to settle.  He offers her 5 million dollars and sharing the vacation home.  She thinks about it and up the cost to 15 million. 

 By Chapter 23, Thandy is living in Chicago and working on herself but thinking about how much she wasted with Dr. Gabrielle.  Thandy moved her and her teen daughter to a nice neighborhood.  She wanted to start a new life that did not include Dr. Gabrielle and one that her daughter could be proud of. 

Thandy has taken a new job that is promising and it is everything that sh was looking for.  As she gets read for her first day on the job in chapter 24, she is amazed that she is working at a fortune 500 company.  She does a lot of thinking almost second guessing herself.  She remembers the interview and he she was not going to take the job if it meant to leave Jack, just when Etienne calls, and tells her Dr. Gabrielle is seeing another woman besides them two and confirms a trip with another woman, Thandy takes the job offer and moves.  The new job came with great perks.  A driver, a office, a laptop and blackberry, 2 secretaries and a 7 figure salary.  She liked the perks but it was going to take some getting used to.  Let’s stop at  Chapter 26.  Next posting on Friday @ 10am.


1. Do you think Thandy will be happy in Chicago?

2. Why do you think Dr. Gabrielle had no problem with going thru wit the divorce?

Let me know what you think… Leave a comment!



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  1. Posted by Robyn on February 25, 2009 at 2:36 am

    1- I believe that Thandy will grow to like Chicago. (I have to remember to write as if I have not already finished the book.) It will take some time to get used to life without Jack, but I think going to another city will make the trasition easier. If she would have stayed in ATL, there would have been too many memories in her face everyday. Not to mention it would be too easy for Jack to come and try to sway her back into his life.
    Sidebar- I love the fact that Jack knows that he has messed up, possibly for good with Thandy.

    2- Jack had no problem going thru with the divorce, b/c he knew that Etienne had a lot of evidence against him. In addition to that, he looked at the divorece as his way of getting with Thandy; the woman he says he really loves. In his eyes Thandy was worth the 15 million he had to pay Etienne in addition to lawyer fees to get the divorce finalized.

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