A cheating doctor on call

At first, the author blew me with all the big words and the medical terms during the first couple of pages, but as the story began and the conversations started to take place I could feel this was a good book.  Once again,  I see a little of myself in the characters in the book, maybe that is a sign I need a write my own book.  Until then, I will continue to blog about others.

Thandy is a sexy black woman who got caught up in a 10 year affair with a married man who is a surgeon and a father of two.  The novel is based in Atlanta and everything seems to be living the good life, one I heard about but never seen it before!!! The surgeon, Dr Gabrielle is a pimp for a real.  A sexy, tall married pimp.  To keep his affair with Thandy going. he puts her up in a million dollar condo and gives her a sports car.  He keeps his wife happy but giving her two sons and a nice house, but she is not happy and drinks her pain away.  She knows that her husband is messing with other men.  The people in Dr. Gabrielle’s life seem to look up to him, the kind of people that will do what he say but after 10 years Thandy enough whens he finds out from his wife that he is messing with other women.  Thandy moves to Chicago leaving the condo and the car behind and Dr. Gabrielle is crushed.

His wife, on the other hand has been plotting not saying much about the affairs and that is because she had a private investigator follow his ass.  She now has no much evidence on him that he could lose everything in divorce court, but she is not sure now.  So far, so good.  Sounds like some mess is about to happen to the doctor.  Let’s stop at chapter 14 for today. 

Click on comments to give your thoughts and to answer the questions

1. Why do you think Thandy left Dr. Gabrielle?

2. Do you think the wife is scared to leave her cheating husband?


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Robyn on February 25, 2009 at 2:28 am

    1- I think Thandy left b/c she was hurt. Yes, she was dating a married man for 10 years, but when she got the call from his wife that she wasn’t the only one- it hurt. To her it was probably okay that he had a wife. There was really nothing she could do about that other than leave, but clearly if she left there would have been no book.

    2- I definately believe Etienne is scared to leave Jack. She seems to really love him. Sure she had been drunk for the past few years of the marriage, but she tries to show her love for Jack. Instead of returning the love, he sleeps with Thandy and buys her a million dollar condo and a bangin Benz. Even still, she wouldn’t just walk away.

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