Bad news brings friends and family together in the end

Chapter 56 starts with a lot of tears and pain and a lot of questions.  In the previous Chapter, Danielle learns that she is HIV positive and it’s not Renee.  When Renee comes over to Danielle’s house with a bag full of gifts for her goddaughter’s baby Kayla was in the house holding Danielle as she cried.  Danielle told both women and they prayed for her and was the best friends ever.  Danielle goes to her parents’ house to tell them while Kayla, Nadine and Renee are there for support.  Danielle contacts all her lovers.  Chance comes over and the ladies wait in the kitchen while she breaks the news to them.  She tells Chance and he goes off.  He punches her in the head, stomach and started beating on her.  The ladies come rushing out and hit Chance over the head with a pan then call the police.  Chance yelling how he needed his dick to make money and Danielle was taking that away from him.  After the police took Chance away Danielle wanted to be alone.  She attempts to Call Ron again to tell him.  He finally calls back and she tells him she is HIV positive, and what is about to happen is crazy.  Ron is unusually calm as she breaks the news.  He asks her did she get the “CAREFUL OF THE COMPANY YOU KEEP.” Messages and she said yes at that moment it dawned on her that Ron is the one that infected her with HIV.  He says: Welcome to AIDS Bitchhhhhhhhhhh and the phone drops.  Danielle body is lifeless and she can’t believe what just happened.

 Days later she is still hurting from Chance beating her up, Calvin is at that the door and worried.  She tells Calvin that she is HIV positive and instead of Calvin getting upset, he tell her that he loves her and comforts her and tells her they are going to get through it.  In front of her whole family, Calvin asks her to marry him and she says yes.  That is true love!!!

Renee believed the crazy that her mother was alive. Renee headed to the recreational center to find her mother but not found.  She drives back home and finds the crazy lady in the street seeming rather happy.

Back in the house, Renee gets a call and it’s John.  She tells him that she does not have HIV and he is shocked and said he must got it from Carl, a man he met online last year, before Renee could cuss him out, the phone hung up.  She is in the process of filing for a divorce.  Suddenly a knock at the door and its Regina, the mother to the twins that were fighting Tamara and the woman Calvin worked with that he had sex with.  Regina was crazy she thought Renee was Danielle.  Regina was the woman who was stalking Renee in the dark SUV and she was the one calling Renee.  Regina pulls out a gun and shoots at Renee’s head and her arm.  Her bullet wounds damaged her face and her left arm.  She was not the same.  Renee wanted to do the right thing and visit her stepfather who she did not see since her sister Lisa funeral.  Kayla was happily married, Nadine and Jordan now have twins, Chance disappeared, Calvin did not contract the virus and Ron was found dead in the Missouri River.  The whole family is there to greet Renee and her stepfather is skinny and sickly looking, he must have cancer.  At that moment, Renee was happy to see her family and knew what was most important in life, family and friends.

The booked ended with 59 chapters and 356 pages.  It was everything I expected but in a good way.  It was really funny and crazy as hell sometimes and others it was sad and informative.  If you ask me if I had any idea that Danielle was going to be HIV positive, I would say no.  I had no idea that this was going to be an issue in the book.  But as we realize, HIV, AIDS it’s all real and it’s infecting black women each day.  This book wants me to do better, to remember to use condoms each time and respect myself.  I grew to love all the women in the book. 

I thank everyone who bought the book and joined the book club blog.  I am so blessed to have all my family and friends.  I am looking forward to starting the second book in February next week.  The next book will be posted on Monday @ 10am.

How do you feel about the women now after all they went through?

What do you think Renee and Danielle both learned from the series of events?

Peace & Blessings,



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  1. Posted by Robyn on January 30, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    I totally agree with you. Reading the book had me reflecting on decissions that I had made in my past. Not that I was ever as out there as Renee and Danny were, but it just made me think. It also made me want to be a better woman. A few of the characters had qualities that reminded me of myself. I definately took notes. Especially on the website that you can look people up on.

    Renee- she was a bit much for me. A man that was about to get married. Why would she even deal with him much less get her feelings involved? I didn’t understand that part. Did she really think that she could break them up after 12 years? If Resse was dumb enough to put up with the BS for that long, why would she leave b/c of her when she was so close to being married to him? That was just crazy. I did however appreciate her telling Danny about herself and her relationship with Ron, Calvin, and Chance. She gave good advice although she was wrong for allowing Calvin to please her to break him and Danny up. I felt like some of the advice she had for Danny, she could have used herself.

    Danny- poor, poor Danny. She seemed very green to me. Like how could she continue to persue Ron after she had him beat up and put him out of her house. The saying all things happen for a reason is sooooooo true in this story. Portia was wrong for lying to her mother about her and Ron, but in the end it was Ron that had infected her with HIV. The worst part is he knew it all along. That is just trifflin and nasty. That is why it is up to us as women to dempand protection if we are going to lay down with someone. You never know who could be the one to infect you. It is really scary ot here.

    Overall I loved the book. It was a wonderful first choice. I look forward to finding out what the next book will be and getting started on it.

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