My Man is a sperm donor and everything is not what you think it is

Renee has been helping the crazy lady in her neighborhood but it’s starting to get on her and her daughters nerves.  The crazy lady asks for tiolet paper, tampons, makes me think there is no one to help this poor lady out.  Calvin is seeking Renee’s help to get Danielle back and someone is still calling Renee telling her to stop calling her man.  She is getting frustrated because she has no idea who it is.  Just when she thinks that the whole situation with Landon was over, the check he sent her bounced. SHIT!

She gets the help of some thug to break into his SUV.  While Danielle is the lookout, Renee pours piss from her dog that has diabetes all inside his car, on the window everywhere.  Just when they think they have a clean break Landon’s girlfriend pulls up starts fighting with Renee and Landon comes out the house to break up the fight.  Just before the girls left, Renee pours remaining piss into Landon’s face, now that is payback like a mother. Hahahahaa.

Kayla, their other homegirl is moving along well on the plans for her wedding, the girls are all excited for her now they remise and think how long their friendship has grown.  Kayla was on trial for murder but this was never explained.  These ladies got some shit with them. 

During lunch, Chance walks in the restaurant and spots the ladies.  Danielle is not too surprised to see him but happier to finally introduce her friends to him but they crazy part is Nadine already knows him and calls him Jaycee.  Then someone recognizes that name and says its Nadine and Jordan’s sperm donor name.  So the man that Danielle has been dealing with is the sperm donor and the man that Nadine can’t stop sleeping with.  This is just a big web is just nasty.  Chance plays it’s off and says Nadine has the wrong person.  Everyone is telling Danielle the truth and to just leave him alone but she is so confused.  She wants to believe her friends but wants to believe the loser Chance.

When Danielle finally gets home after crying for hours in the car, she finds Chance making dinner butt as naked as much as she wanted him, she wanted answers too.  Chance admits to his real full name and says he has been a sperm donor since college something to do and make money since he was a product of a sperm donor.  His mother was a lesbian.

Chance begs for Danielle’s forgiveness and gives her a ring but never really says will you marry me but says he loves her, and then fucks her after he turns off the pork chops.  Damn, is she willing to believe everything he says?

Renee is home and finds her son having sex with Kenny’s daughter, she puts her out.  No call from Kenny and now she is worked.  Kayla tells Renee that she spots Reese in Wal-Mart and talking to her about the wedding. Renee’s eyes grow big and decide to get a look at her and drive to Wal-Mart.   Renee is tracking Reese around in the store and Reese recognizes Renee but only as the romance writer not the woman that is sleeping with her man Kenny.  That was a crazy afternoon for her but not to top off the text message she gets on her phone saying this was her last warning.  I don’t know who man she is messing with but she needs to stop.  I have no idea who is it. Do you?

Danielle is growing tired of Chance being jealous. Renee picks her up from a parking lot and they head to Renee’s cousin graduation party.  There Danielle meets Chance’s baby momma and his son.  She is upset with Renee but Renee explains that she had to show her the truth that Chance does have a child and he is a liar.  When Danielle gets home Chance does something so disrespectful, he smells her pussy to check to see if she was with another man.  Danielle and Chance gets into an argument, he breaks a mirror start bleeding and Danielle calls the police on him and he finally leaves the house, but is he gone for good?

OK. I stopped at Chapter 47.  Next posting is on Wednesday at 10am.  Click on comments to answer the questions below.  I want to know what you think.

Do you believe any of Chance’s stories?

Do you think Reese knows who Renee really is?





2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Robyn on January 30, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    I want to believe Chance, but something about him is tooo secretive. I do however believe the sperm donor thing, seeing as how he got Jordan pregnant. Everything else is too much. He is waaaaaay too jealous and the coochie sniffing. . .Danny got herself into that. The first time he would have tried that with me he would have had to go. That is just toooo insecure for me. I hate a jealous man. To a certain extent it is cute, but is much more sexy for a man to act like he does’t care that you go out and sort of challenge guys to try to get me. (Hope that made sense)

    Resse is funny. I think she does know who Renee is, she is just playing the role until she marries Kenny. it will be interesting to see how things happen.

  2. Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is a lot more than I expected when I stumpled upon a link on SU telling that the info here is quite decent. Thanks.

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