The Truth Comes Out: Something Seems Strange

By Chapter 22 Renee and Danielle have not talked since the incident with Calvin.  Renee has found a guy name Kenny to fix her car that she plans to let her daughter drive but Kenny is a lady’s man and Renee is thinking about having sex with Kenny just to get the car fixed for free.

Danielle has completely dropped Calvin for Chance.  Surprisingly, she gets a note in her mailbox that reads “CAREFUL OF THE COMPANY YOU KEEP.”  She is curious about who could send this but she keeps on moving.  Chance really likes her, he is over all the time and doing her the way she likes it and just a slight thug just the way she likes it. 

Renee’s sister passed away a few years ago and she has no real relationship with the rest of her family, including her stepfather.  Renee’s mother is not in the picture.  Danielle and Renee find themselves talking again when Danielle had to pick up Tamara, Renee’s daughter from school for fighting.  They both managed to prevent Tamara from getting kicked out the National Honor Society.  The ladies get ice cream to squash the incident with Calvin.

Renee learns that Kenny that car fixer is getting married to a woman named Reese.  The ladies seem to know her, the town is small.  Chance is starting to bug Danielle but she keeps him around because the sex is great.  Every time they have sex, he makes her get towels QUICKLY.  It’s a routine but you can tell Danielle is tired of routine.  Chance and Danielle talk about their past, he did some time in jail and so did she.  He tells her he has no kids.  We’ll see about that.

Renee looks up Chance on the internet and finds out he does have a child, liar.  Renee is starting to get strange phone calls, people cursing her out and then hanging up.  These women got some drama in their life.  Calvin wants Danielle back but will he get her?

Renee pays a visit to Landon the guy who pissed in her bed at his job and brings depends to the office.  He is embarrassed and promised to pay her the money for the mattress.  Well it looks like Renee slut butt did it she slept with Kenny but she is really feeling him. This guy is not cute.  He is old and ugly but the sexy is good.  Now that is funny.  Danielle asked Chance about the child support and why his name was different in the system he tries to explain and to make it up to her he buys her a gift.

The gift was a trip to the day spa and Chance surprised her and had sex with her while she was naked on the table.  He sounds fun but kind of weird.

Danielle still wants nothing to do with her daughter but the baby is coming soon.  She gets another note about CAREFUL OF THE COMPANY YOU KEEP and now she is worried but can’t think who would send her that note.

Nadine and Jordan are expecting a baby and Nadine is still sleeping with the sperm donor.  Just when Renee decides to take Landon to court a check for $1,000 from Landon is in her mail, now she can get a new mattress.  Renee is still sleeping with Kenny after she learns he is married and doesn’t care.  She likes having sex with him in all kinds of positions and outfits.  Chance is answering Danielle’s phone and she doesn’t like that, not at all.  She miss Ron, things Ron did Chance just don’t do.  Chance tells her not to receive any calls from other guys.


By Chapter 38 Danielle feels comfortable to answer Chance phone but he tells her no because he will receive business calls but why are women calling his phone asking for Jaycee?


Renee is spending more time with Kenny and find out his daughter is her son’s girlfriend.  Awkward? LOL… Kenny is worried that she might tell his soon-to-be-wife and that turns Renee off.  She really doesn’t want him to marry Reese she wants him all to herself.

Ok, now Chance is scaring me.  He lurks behind corners and feels her pussy to see if it’s wet.  She says she is with him because she is a slave to his dick, it can’t be that good.

Portia, Danielle’s daughter is now living with the grandparents and they are speaking. That isn’t much better.   The family meets the baby’s father; he is a high school senior name Demetrius, not Ron.

I’m stopping at Chapter 40.

Click on comment to give your option on the questions below

Why would Renee still sleep with Kenny after she finds out he is getting married?

Who do you think is leaving those messages and calling?

Should Danielle stop dealing with Chance before he gets crazy?



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