Caught In The Act: Look Whose Having a Baby

Danielle comes up with the idea to set up Calvin but having Renee try to come on to him.  The plan seemed so easy for the ladies because they have done this before. Renee and Danielle are freaks.  They like to set-up men by sleeping with them. OK, this part I have to admit was funny.  Renee was only suppose to kiss Calvin and Danielle was going to walk in on them, right? Well, Calvin dated Danielle back in the day… see these ladies just sleep with each other leftovers.  Calvin gets caught giving oral to Danielle.  Call it going too far…LOL.  That was below the belt.  Danielle and Renee start fighting.  The ladies friendship is over, for real not for play.  Renee runs out the house and someone is in a dark vehicle spying at her.  When she gets home she finds that her son Quinton is having sex with some fast ass girl.

Danielle is now done with Calvin and dating Chance now.  He sweet talks her and she loves it.  I see this leading to trouble.  Chance seems slick.

To get her mind off things and how she possibly has ruined her friendship with Danielle, Renee meets up with Nadine for drinks.  Nadine and her lover Jordan find a sperm donor but Nadine is sleeping with the sperm donor behind Jordan’s back.  I though Nadine was a lesbian? She admits that she can’t stop sleeping with the sperm donor; there is no name for him.  Danielle mentions to Nadine that she is looking to get a car fixed for her teenage daughter to drive.  Nadine suggests calling Kenny.  The local mechanic is a lover boy.  Kenny is a ladies’ man.  Has a woman but he messes around on her.  Kenny is not easy on the eyes.  He is ugly to be honest but since Danielle is an old slut she is willing to sleep with Kenny just to get the car fixed. Danielle’s daughter is having a girl she doesn’t care because she is mad at her. Her daughter lied about Ron having sex with her, she can’t forgive her for lying and won’t let her come back home.

There is just too much drama in these women lives.

Why do black women feed on drama? 

Should Danielle forgive her daughter for lying?

I might knock out Chapter 22 at lunch

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Robyn on January 23, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    These two definately are drama queens. I can’t believe Danny even trusted Renee to just kiss Calvin. I think Renee secretly was on get back at Danny for even dating Calvin knowing they had a relationship in the past.

    As far as Danny forgiving Portia. . .she needs to just forgive her. Yeah she lied, but she is your pregnant 16 yr old daughter and she needs her mother right now.

    Nadine and the sperm doner? She is wrong for sleeping with him behind Jordan’s back. The way she made it seem Jordan was disgusted by having to sleep with the man, but that clearly isn’t an issue for Nadie.

    Renee and Kenny. . .a tricky situation. I am still a little ahead of you so I will keep my comments about them to myself. I hope to finish the book this weekend.

  2. Posted by Kim O. on January 28, 2009 at 1:46 am

    Clearly, neither of these women is being honest with themselves. Renee clearly has some type of animousity towards Danielle for messing with her leftovers. And Danielle obviously has more feelings for Calvin than she is willing to admit. The who incident is funny…but a little sad. These chicks really need to grown up (but they are funny as hell).

    I think Danielle should forgive Portia. Regardless of what she did, she is still a child (HER CHILD).

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