Sexy Old Friend Piss in the Bed: Here Comes another Bad Boy

It’s been months since Danielle last saw Ron and now she spots him in the club.  She wants him back but it’s not a good idea.  Remember, she is still dealing with her daughter’s issues finding that her daughter lied, her daughter is pregnant and now living with the grandmother.  Renee has been going to clubs a lot lately seems like she is looking for a new man to get over finding her husband John in the bed with another man. 

Danielle is hitting the clubs hard too and she meets Chance.  The finest brother in all of ever-ever land.  She acts like this man is a prince in a fairy tale story.  Chance ends up working with Danielle at the hospital and she is turned on but the simple fact that he even has a job because we all know Ron didn’t’. 

By now I’m at Chapter 11 and Renee is just a freak but on to Danielle she thinks sleeping with Ron is going to get him back.  For some reason the love making was unusual.  She describes it as being rough, and too much.  When giving him a blow job he pushes her head down deeper.  What is going on here?  Oh no he didn’t, Ron leave right after fucking Danielle, she is confused.

Renee runs into an old high school buddy name Landon, she takes him home to sleep with him and guess what ya’ll the grown ass man pissed in her bed while he was sleeping. Yes I said it this grown ass man pissed in her bed.  He had the nerve to look surprised and run out the house.

Danielle’s new man Calvin is so sweet.  He is a real man, cooking for her, caring for her and really trying to take the next step but Danielle had her mind on getting back with Ron. 

Here comes Kayla and Nadine.  The other two ladies of the friendship circle.  Kayla is getting married but are the ladies really happy for her or jealous?  I can’t tell. 

Danielle is now dealing with three men by Chapter 15.  Ron the loser, Calvin her boo, and Chance the sexy guy working at the hospital.  She likes the thrill and excitement. I figure these women are in their 40’s; they need to get it together.  They all have kids and sleeping with everybody in sight. 

Danielle and Chance goes on a first date and that bad boy image creeps up and turns her on. She is describing how good the sex is and how much she wants it.  I can’t believe she had sex with him on the first night and Calvin is at home not having a clue.  I’ll stop at Chapter 18. 

Should Renee ask Landon to replace her pissy mattresses? 

Why does Danielle fall for the bad boys?

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Robyn on January 21, 2009 at 3:03 pm

    Where do I begin? Okay, I know where. . .Landon pissy behind is just nasty. I think I would have tried to whoop his tale. Is he damn serious? I mean really? Peeing in the bed as a grown man and then you just put your clothes on .. .no shower or bath and leave? NO!! Pissy would have taken me to the store right then and there.

    Danny (Danielle)? She is irritating to me. She has a man at home, well at his own house, who adores her and the ground she walks on but she is busy chasing after Ron who hit it and quit it just to prove that he could. On top of that she meets a new thug and is in awe of him. Honestly he sounds like a bamma. I know we are in the DC area and every metropolitan area has different styles, but a Dickies outfit? I don’t even think so. The whole outfit though. I mean I can’t even see just the pants or shirt, but if that is what she likes then okay. I don’t understand the obsession with the bad boy. I guess she thinks that Calvin is soft or something. I just think that he really loves her.

    Renee is kind of out there too. I am typing this tryin to remember that this discussion is up to chapter 15, but I so badly want to discuss other things that happen further along in the book. I will just wait till next dicussion to vent about them.

    I am loving this blog. . .a good idea and an excellent first book choice.

  2. Posted by Kim O. on January 28, 2009 at 1:39 am

    Both of these women are OUT OF CONTROL!! Part of me fels like they are too damn old to be acting the way they act. Then another part of meis like..”Hey, do you.” Anyway, Landon is lucky that Renee didn’t knock him out. And yes, he needs to buy her a new matresss. I repeat, I THINK DANIELLE IS AN IDIOT. Why is she sweating Ron? Why can’t she see that he doesn’t want her? Why is she playing Calvin? I mean she is too damn grown to be playing games. And Chance sounds too good to be true (by Danielle’s standards) Something is up with him…

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