OMG!!! Renee husband is Gay and Danielle falls for the loser

OK, for those who picked up the book Careful of the Company You Keep on Monday, this book is wild.  Renee, sounds like a smart and beautiful woman and then she has to come home to some mess.  Her husband in the bed with another man.  She goes off, as most women would do.  She pulls out the camera phone to get the proof.  She starts throwing stuff, breaking stuff and cursing.  She is angry and she should be, but where I felt bad for her was that she was shocked. Why would she be?  Her and her husband were swingers.  In fact, the man her husband was sleeping with is the man she was swinging with too.  She questions her husband and ask him if he is gay.  He had the nerve to say no.  That situation looked pretty darn gay to me.  Do you think she had it coming?  I don’t know.   I just can’t get with that.  OK, so on to Danielle, her homegirl.  She sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders, but she seems bored with her life.  She is in this new relationship with Calvin but missing her old boo Ron the one who please her in every way but was a LOSER.  How many of us have dated that type of guy?  I know I have.  The one you “think” will do better but he is still a LOSER.  The one who makes you feeeellllllll gooooddd. LOL!.  I second that, but he is still a LOSER.  Let’s continue this evening.  Tonight, I might curl on the couch and not the bed because this is getting good.  I might have something for ya’ll Friday morning @ 10am.

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Do you think she had it coming?

How many of us have dated that type of guy?


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  1. Posted by Robyn on January 15, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    OMG!!!!!! This book is off the hook. I said I was just going to read 10 pages or so, and I ended up reading to page 45 or so. So. . . .Renee’s husband is super gay. I wouldn’t say she had it comming though. Yeah they were swingers, but he was always with a woman when they did that. Then for him to sleep with someone that he introduced to their bedroom? Oh hell no!! I was totally feeling Renee when she took pictures of them in the act and started throwing stuff, but paused when she was gettting ready to throw the “good” perfume. That situation is just a mess.

    Now Danielle. . .she is a special case. Why are you dating a 22 yr old and got him living in the house with you and your 16 yr old daughter? That is awful. I woldn’t say she had that comming either, but then again I don’t know. According to her description of him she shouldn’t even be with him. He lives with his mother (or her), he has numerous kids with numerous women (who call her phone), and he can’t keep a job. I don’t care if he makes you feel good all over. . .get the good feeling and keep it moving. You don’t bun his type. But I guess everyone has their weaknesses. I know I have had moments of weaknes. But they were just moments, not going to his mamma’s house and trying to beg him back after she put him out for supposidly sleeping with her freak-behind daughter. She has some growing up to do. It seems, so far, that Calvin is a nice guy, but she is so busy trying to get back with the loser Ron.

    I can’t wait to get home, or go to my car at lunch and read some more.

  2. Posted by Kim O. on January 28, 2009 at 1:31 am

    I think Renee’a reaction is justified. Even though they were swingers and she admits that she cheated on him in the past, the idea of your man sleeping with ANOTHER MAN is more than anyone can bear. It’s an extra slap in the face…and it’s unforgivable.

    Now on to Danielle. She is an idiot in my opinion. I have to agree with Robyn…WHY is you 22 year old man living with you and your 16 year old daughter??? Not smart.

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