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Bad news brings friends and family together in the end

Chapter 56 starts with a lot of tears and pain and a lot of questions.  In the previous Chapter, Danielle learns that she is HIV positive and it’s not Renee.  When Renee comes over to Danielle’s house with a bag full of gifts for her goddaughter’s baby Kayla was in the house holding Danielle as she cried.  Danielle told both women and they prayed for her and was the best friends ever.  Danielle goes to her parents’ house to tell them while Kayla, Nadine and Renee are there for support.  Danielle contacts all her lovers.  Chance comes over and the ladies wait in the kitchen while she breaks the news to them.  She tells Chance and he goes off.  He punches her in the head, stomach and started beating on her.  The ladies come rushing out and hit Chance over the head with a pan then call the police.  Chance yelling how he needed his dick to make money and Danielle was taking that away from him.  After the police took Chance away Danielle wanted to be alone.  She attempts to Call Ron again to tell him.  He finally calls back and she tells him she is HIV positive, and what is about to happen is crazy.  Ron is unusually calm as she breaks the news.  He asks her did she get the “CAREFUL OF THE COMPANY YOU KEEP.” Messages and she said yes at that moment it dawned on her that Ron is the one that infected her with HIV.  He says: Welcome to AIDS Bitchhhhhhhhhhh and the phone drops.  Danielle body is lifeless and she can’t believe what just happened.

 Days later she is still hurting from Chance beating her up, Calvin is at that the door and worried.  She tells Calvin that she is HIV positive and instead of Calvin getting upset, he tell her that he loves her and comforts her and tells her they are going to get through it.  In front of her whole family, Calvin asks her to marry him and she says yes.  That is true love!!!

Renee believed the crazy that her mother was alive. Renee headed to the recreational center to find her mother but not found.  She drives back home and finds the crazy lady in the street seeming rather happy.

Back in the house, Renee gets a call and it’s John.  She tells him that she does not have HIV and he is shocked and said he must got it from Carl, a man he met online last year, before Renee could cuss him out, the phone hung up.  She is in the process of filing for a divorce.  Suddenly a knock at the door and its Regina, the mother to the twins that were fighting Tamara and the woman Calvin worked with that he had sex with.  Regina was crazy she thought Renee was Danielle.  Regina was the woman who was stalking Renee in the dark SUV and she was the one calling Renee.  Regina pulls out a gun and shoots at Renee’s head and her arm.  Her bullet wounds damaged her face and her left arm.  She was not the same.  Renee wanted to do the right thing and visit her stepfather who she did not see since her sister Lisa funeral.  Kayla was happily married, Nadine and Jordan now have twins, Chance disappeared, Calvin did not contract the virus and Ron was found dead in the Missouri River.  The whole family is there to greet Renee and her stepfather is skinny and sickly looking, he must have cancer.  At that moment, Renee was happy to see her family and knew what was most important in life, family and friends.

The booked ended with 59 chapters and 356 pages.  It was everything I expected but in a good way.  It was really funny and crazy as hell sometimes and others it was sad and informative.  If you ask me if I had any idea that Danielle was going to be HIV positive, I would say no.  I had no idea that this was going to be an issue in the book.  But as we realize, HIV, AIDS it’s all real and it’s infecting black women each day.  This book wants me to do better, to remember to use condoms each time and respect myself.  I grew to love all the women in the book. 

I thank everyone who bought the book and joined the book club blog.  I am so blessed to have all my family and friends.  I am looking forward to starting the second book in February next week.  The next book will be posted on Monday @ 10am.

How do you feel about the women now after all they went through?

What do you think Renee and Danielle both learned from the series of events?

Peace & Blessings,



Your man is my man too, someone finds out their status

As I continue to read this book I make notes on how to better my own life, how not to be like the women in the book.  How to be a better friend, a better daughter, a better granddaughter, a better sister, a better co-worker and most importantly a better woman.  These women do not seem to want to better themselves but settle on what they think life has to offer them.

Right in the beginning of Chapter 47 Renee and Reese are once again confronted on the phone and Reese is trying to figure who is calling her Kenny.  Renee put everything out on the table but never disclosed her identity, thank God.  As Renee is talking to Reese about getting a life and realize that Kenny been cheating on her for years, Renee herself realize that she and Reese are similar women, know the real deal about their relationship but don’t leave but they are scared and or comfortable.  By this time, Kenny is at the door and kissing Renee, she tells him that Reese called and Kenny is upset asking her what she told Reese.  Kenny leaves and tells her he’ll call after he gets married.  Renee heart is broken.  It should be, she should be glad he walked out she needs to move on. 

Danielle and her daughter are getting along and Chance is still stalker her and its driver her crazy.  Their relationship somewhat ended after she found out he really did have a child once she saw with her own eyes.  Danielle describes the relationship her parents have, a 45 year happy marriage and wonderful something she wanted all her life. Before headed home after buying all of these baby gifts for her daughter, she heads to Nadine and Jordan’s house to apologize.  She didn’t want to risk losing another friend and especially over a man who was a liar.  Nadine tells her it’s ok but in a dismissive way.  Danielle is sitting there saying over and over how is sorry and Nadine just seems to brush it off like it was nothing that is strange and of course her over Jordan doesn’t know about that she slept with Chance and her wants her never to find out. The ladies make up with a bottle of wine.

Kayla tells Renee that Kenny and Reese ended up getting married over the weekend and Reese may know now that Renee is the other woman because her daughter Tamara told something about her mother’s relationship with Kenny.  Renee doesn’t care.    Renee decides to call Kenny to congratulate him but also to have him come over for some sex.  She changes into something sexy and the UPS driver drops off a package and she looks outside and she the same black truck staring at her across the street.  She runs out says, “Yeah I’m fucking your man.”  But she has no idea who is in the car. LOL.  Renee is so crazy.  Kenny pulls up after Renee embarrasses herself in front of her neighbor’s house.  OK ya’ll the way Kenny was fucking her was turning me on I was daydreaming about a few guys that I know who could do me like that.  TMI?  OK I’m sorry.

Kenny does her really good and someone calls Renee’s phone calls her all kinds of names for a second he thought it was Reese but nawwww it can’t be her, he leaves after he questions her who else she been fucking and its only been Kenny since Kenny.  So she was mad and told him not bother calling later.

Renee visit her dead sister Lisa at the cemetery and tells her about everyone life and everyone seems to have a good life but her.  Renee is hurt and lonely and really needs her sister right now.  When she gets home she finds John, her gay ex husband standing there.  He tells her that is HIV positive and for her to get tested.  He tells her that his lover didn’t have it so he must get it from her, she screams and cries and puts him out and doesn’t believe she could have it.

Once Renee gets to work all she can think about is her test and what the results could be.  At lunch she takes the test and on her way home from picking up her daughter from getting her driver’s license, she is confronted by the crazy lady in her neighborhood.  The crazy lady is crying saying her mother died and she needs money to get visit her dead body.   After Renee feels bad for not giving her moment the first time she gives her more money once she gets back from the bank and the crazy lady invited her in the home but it’s a mess and has an odor.  The crazy lady tells her about her life story and Renee tells her she can relate because her mother is sick.  The crazy lady swears she knows Renee long lost mother and it freaks Renee out but she is hopeful that she can find her mother.  She cries when she gets home.

The clinic tells Renee she needs to come back and take the test over again, she finally tells Danielle that she might be HIV positive and Danielle tells her that she go with her, like a good friend should.

Renee is just so hurt because she and Danielle is realizes that HIV/AIDS can happen to anyone and all the men she slept with is going through her head.  All the ladies get together for a slumber party to make Renee feels better.  Danielle, Renee, Kayla and Nadine have drinks and laughs.  Nadine tells the group Jordan is having twins and Kayla is getting married in a few weeks and Danielle miss Chance but wants Calvin back all of a sudden, wow.

Before Renee got her results she is praying to God asking for forgiveness but asking God to give her strength if the results are positive.  The doctor tells her she is HIV negative and Danielle calls her because Portia is having the baby.  Renee rushes to the hospital and Danielle sees Calvin in the lobby.  He is there to see his mother.  Danielle and Calvin chat ad they both miss each other.  She wants him back.  She tells him that Portia is having her baby girl.  Calvin says his goodbyes and said he’ll come back the next day.  Chance calls her several times likes his crazy ass do and assume she is with another man she threats that she is going to get her brother to beat him up just he beat up Ron.  Chance Portia delivers a healthy baby and her baby daddy and his mother are all there.  Danielle gets home and Calvin hug and while in the elevator they notice a woman staring at Calvin, she is the mother of the twins that Tamera was fighting and the co worker to Calvin and someone he slept with.  Renee tells Calvin to stick around after the baby is born so he can see Danielle.

Poor Danielle she gets a call that she is HIV positive.  She was trying to be a good friend and she finds out that she has it. She is in shock and can’t believe it.  She is thinking about her partners and who could infect her so she can save their life.

I had to stop at Chapter 55 because I was getting emotional.  This is very sad to learn that Danielle has HIV.  Just when she and her daughter were getting along she married the most devasting news brought to her life. 

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Why do you think Nadine brushed off Danielle’s apology at her house?

Who do you think infected Danielle with HIV

My Man is a sperm donor and everything is not what you think it is

Renee has been helping the crazy lady in her neighborhood but it’s starting to get on her and her daughters nerves.  The crazy lady asks for tiolet paper, tampons, makes me think there is no one to help this poor lady out.  Calvin is seeking Renee’s help to get Danielle back and someone is still calling Renee telling her to stop calling her man.  She is getting frustrated because she has no idea who it is.  Just when she thinks that the whole situation with Landon was over, the check he sent her bounced. SHIT!

She gets the help of some thug to break into his SUV.  While Danielle is the lookout, Renee pours piss from her dog that has diabetes all inside his car, on the window everywhere.  Just when they think they have a clean break Landon’s girlfriend pulls up starts fighting with Renee and Landon comes out the house to break up the fight.  Just before the girls left, Renee pours remaining piss into Landon’s face, now that is payback like a mother. Hahahahaa.

Kayla, their other homegirl is moving along well on the plans for her wedding, the girls are all excited for her now they remise and think how long their friendship has grown.  Kayla was on trial for murder but this was never explained.  These ladies got some shit with them. 

During lunch, Chance walks in the restaurant and spots the ladies.  Danielle is not too surprised to see him but happier to finally introduce her friends to him but they crazy part is Nadine already knows him and calls him Jaycee.  Then someone recognizes that name and says its Nadine and Jordan’s sperm donor name.  So the man that Danielle has been dealing with is the sperm donor and the man that Nadine can’t stop sleeping with.  This is just a big web is just nasty.  Chance plays it’s off and says Nadine has the wrong person.  Everyone is telling Danielle the truth and to just leave him alone but she is so confused.  She wants to believe her friends but wants to believe the loser Chance.

When Danielle finally gets home after crying for hours in the car, she finds Chance making dinner butt as naked as much as she wanted him, she wanted answers too.  Chance admits to his real full name and says he has been a sperm donor since college something to do and make money since he was a product of a sperm donor.  His mother was a lesbian.

Chance begs for Danielle’s forgiveness and gives her a ring but never really says will you marry me but says he loves her, and then fucks her after he turns off the pork chops.  Damn, is she willing to believe everything he says?

Renee is home and finds her son having sex with Kenny’s daughter, she puts her out.  No call from Kenny and now she is worked.  Kayla tells Renee that she spots Reese in Wal-Mart and talking to her about the wedding. Renee’s eyes grow big and decide to get a look at her and drive to Wal-Mart.   Renee is tracking Reese around in the store and Reese recognizes Renee but only as the romance writer not the woman that is sleeping with her man Kenny.  That was a crazy afternoon for her but not to top off the text message she gets on her phone saying this was her last warning.  I don’t know who man she is messing with but she needs to stop.  I have no idea who is it. Do you?

Danielle is growing tired of Chance being jealous. Renee picks her up from a parking lot and they head to Renee’s cousin graduation party.  There Danielle meets Chance’s baby momma and his son.  She is upset with Renee but Renee explains that she had to show her the truth that Chance does have a child and he is a liar.  When Danielle gets home Chance does something so disrespectful, he smells her pussy to check to see if she was with another man.  Danielle and Chance gets into an argument, he breaks a mirror start bleeding and Danielle calls the police on him and he finally leaves the house, but is he gone for good?

OK. I stopped at Chapter 47.  Next posting is on Wednesday at 10am.  Click on comments to answer the questions below.  I want to know what you think.

Do you believe any of Chance’s stories?

Do you think Reese knows who Renee really is?




The Truth Comes Out: Something Seems Strange

By Chapter 22 Renee and Danielle have not talked since the incident with Calvin.  Renee has found a guy name Kenny to fix her car that she plans to let her daughter drive but Kenny is a lady’s man and Renee is thinking about having sex with Kenny just to get the car fixed for free.

Danielle has completely dropped Calvin for Chance.  Surprisingly, she gets a note in her mailbox that reads “CAREFUL OF THE COMPANY YOU KEEP.”  She is curious about who could send this but she keeps on moving.  Chance really likes her, he is over all the time and doing her the way she likes it and just a slight thug just the way she likes it. 

Renee’s sister passed away a few years ago and she has no real relationship with the rest of her family, including her stepfather.  Renee’s mother is not in the picture.  Danielle and Renee find themselves talking again when Danielle had to pick up Tamara, Renee’s daughter from school for fighting.  They both managed to prevent Tamara from getting kicked out the National Honor Society.  The ladies get ice cream to squash the incident with Calvin.

Renee learns that Kenny that car fixer is getting married to a woman named Reese.  The ladies seem to know her, the town is small.  Chance is starting to bug Danielle but she keeps him around because the sex is great.  Every time they have sex, he makes her get towels QUICKLY.  It’s a routine but you can tell Danielle is tired of routine.  Chance and Danielle talk about their past, he did some time in jail and so did she.  He tells her he has no kids.  We’ll see about that.

Renee looks up Chance on the internet and finds out he does have a child, liar.  Renee is starting to get strange phone calls, people cursing her out and then hanging up.  These women got some drama in their life.  Calvin wants Danielle back but will he get her?

Renee pays a visit to Landon the guy who pissed in her bed at his job and brings depends to the office.  He is embarrassed and promised to pay her the money for the mattress.  Well it looks like Renee slut butt did it she slept with Kenny but she is really feeling him. This guy is not cute.  He is old and ugly but the sexy is good.  Now that is funny.  Danielle asked Chance about the child support and why his name was different in the system he tries to explain and to make it up to her he buys her a gift.

The gift was a trip to the day spa and Chance surprised her and had sex with her while she was naked on the table.  He sounds fun but kind of weird.

Danielle still wants nothing to do with her daughter but the baby is coming soon.  She gets another note about CAREFUL OF THE COMPANY YOU KEEP and now she is worried but can’t think who would send her that note.

Nadine and Jordan are expecting a baby and Nadine is still sleeping with the sperm donor.  Just when Renee decides to take Landon to court a check for $1,000 from Landon is in her mail, now she can get a new mattress.  Renee is still sleeping with Kenny after she learns he is married and doesn’t care.  She likes having sex with him in all kinds of positions and outfits.  Chance is answering Danielle’s phone and she doesn’t like that, not at all.  She miss Ron, things Ron did Chance just don’t do.  Chance tells her not to receive any calls from other guys.


By Chapter 38 Danielle feels comfortable to answer Chance phone but he tells her no because he will receive business calls but why are women calling his phone asking for Jaycee?


Renee is spending more time with Kenny and find out his daughter is her son’s girlfriend.  Awkward? LOL… Kenny is worried that she might tell his soon-to-be-wife and that turns Renee off.  She really doesn’t want him to marry Reese she wants him all to herself.

Ok, now Chance is scaring me.  He lurks behind corners and feels her pussy to see if it’s wet.  She says she is with him because she is a slave to his dick, it can’t be that good.

Portia, Danielle’s daughter is now living with the grandparents and they are speaking. That isn’t much better.   The family meets the baby’s father; he is a high school senior name Demetrius, not Ron.

I’m stopping at Chapter 40.

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Why would Renee still sleep with Kenny after she finds out he is getting married?

Who do you think is leaving those messages and calling?

Should Danielle stop dealing with Chance before he gets crazy?


Caught In The Act: Look Whose Having a Baby

Danielle comes up with the idea to set up Calvin but having Renee try to come on to him.  The plan seemed so easy for the ladies because they have done this before. Renee and Danielle are freaks.  They like to set-up men by sleeping with them. OK, this part I have to admit was funny.  Renee was only suppose to kiss Calvin and Danielle was going to walk in on them, right? Well, Calvin dated Danielle back in the day… see these ladies just sleep with each other leftovers.  Calvin gets caught giving oral to Danielle.  Call it going too far…LOL.  That was below the belt.  Danielle and Renee start fighting.  The ladies friendship is over, for real not for play.  Renee runs out the house and someone is in a dark vehicle spying at her.  When she gets home she finds that her son Quinton is having sex with some fast ass girl.

Danielle is now done with Calvin and dating Chance now.  He sweet talks her and she loves it.  I see this leading to trouble.  Chance seems slick.

To get her mind off things and how she possibly has ruined her friendship with Danielle, Renee meets up with Nadine for drinks.  Nadine and her lover Jordan find a sperm donor but Nadine is sleeping with the sperm donor behind Jordan’s back.  I though Nadine was a lesbian? She admits that she can’t stop sleeping with the sperm donor; there is no name for him.  Danielle mentions to Nadine that she is looking to get a car fixed for her teenage daughter to drive.  Nadine suggests calling Kenny.  The local mechanic is a lover boy.  Kenny is a ladies’ man.  Has a woman but he messes around on her.  Kenny is not easy on the eyes.  He is ugly to be honest but since Danielle is an old slut she is willing to sleep with Kenny just to get the car fixed. Danielle’s daughter is having a girl she doesn’t care because she is mad at her. Her daughter lied about Ron having sex with her, she can’t forgive her for lying and won’t let her come back home.

There is just too much drama in these women lives.

Why do black women feed on drama? 

Should Danielle forgive her daughter for lying?

I might knock out Chapter 22 at lunch

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Sexy Old Friend Piss in the Bed: Here Comes another Bad Boy

It’s been months since Danielle last saw Ron and now she spots him in the club.  She wants him back but it’s not a good idea.  Remember, she is still dealing with her daughter’s issues finding that her daughter lied, her daughter is pregnant and now living with the grandmother.  Renee has been going to clubs a lot lately seems like she is looking for a new man to get over finding her husband John in the bed with another man. 

Danielle is hitting the clubs hard too and she meets Chance.  The finest brother in all of ever-ever land.  She acts like this man is a prince in a fairy tale story.  Chance ends up working with Danielle at the hospital and she is turned on but the simple fact that he even has a job because we all know Ron didn’t’. 

By now I’m at Chapter 11 and Renee is just a freak but on to Danielle she thinks sleeping with Ron is going to get him back.  For some reason the love making was unusual.  She describes it as being rough, and too much.  When giving him a blow job he pushes her head down deeper.  What is going on here?  Oh no he didn’t, Ron leave right after fucking Danielle, she is confused.

Renee runs into an old high school buddy name Landon, she takes him home to sleep with him and guess what ya’ll the grown ass man pissed in her bed while he was sleeping. Yes I said it this grown ass man pissed in her bed.  He had the nerve to look surprised and run out the house.

Danielle’s new man Calvin is so sweet.  He is a real man, cooking for her, caring for her and really trying to take the next step but Danielle had her mind on getting back with Ron. 

Here comes Kayla and Nadine.  The other two ladies of the friendship circle.  Kayla is getting married but are the ladies really happy for her or jealous?  I can’t tell. 

Danielle is now dealing with three men by Chapter 15.  Ron the loser, Calvin her boo, and Chance the sexy guy working at the hospital.  She likes the thrill and excitement. I figure these women are in their 40’s; they need to get it together.  They all have kids and sleeping with everybody in sight. 

Danielle and Chance goes on a first date and that bad boy image creeps up and turns her on. She is describing how good the sex is and how much she wants it.  I can’t believe she had sex with him on the first night and Calvin is at home not having a clue.  I’ll stop at Chapter 18. 

Should Renee ask Landon to replace her pissy mattresses? 

Why does Danielle fall for the bad boys?

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OMG!!! Renee husband is Gay and Danielle falls for the loser

OK, for those who picked up the book Careful of the Company You Keep on Monday, this book is wild.  Renee, sounds like a smart and beautiful woman and then she has to come home to some mess.  Her husband in the bed with another man.  She goes off, as most women would do.  She pulls out the camera phone to get the proof.  She starts throwing stuff, breaking stuff and cursing.  She is angry and she should be, but where I felt bad for her was that she was shocked. Why would she be?  Her and her husband were swingers.  In fact, the man her husband was sleeping with is the man she was swinging with too.  She questions her husband and ask him if he is gay.  He had the nerve to say no.  That situation looked pretty darn gay to me.  Do you think she had it coming?  I don’t know.   I just can’t get with that.  OK, so on to Danielle, her homegirl.  She sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders, but she seems bored with her life.  She is in this new relationship with Calvin but missing her old boo Ron the one who please her in every way but was a LOSER.  How many of us have dated that type of guy?  I know I have.  The one you “think” will do better but he is still a LOSER.  The one who makes you feeeellllllll gooooddd. LOL!.  I second that, but he is still a LOSER.  Let’s continue this evening.  Tonight, I might curl on the couch and not the bed because this is getting good.  I might have something for ya’ll Friday morning @ 10am.

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Do you think she had it coming?

How many of us have dated that type of guy?